Esra Lemmens is the founder and director of her namesake, The Esra Lemmens Agency. After receiving degrees in Fine Arts and Design, she focused on developing her career path while collaborating with other designers. She has concentrated on a growing phenomenon in the design world, distilling her own philosophy, which came to life in her book titled ‘Conceptual Commercialism Commercial Conceptualism’.

While receiving various degrees in the field of design, Lemmens, was quick to observe the many challenges that designers faced on their path to becoming talented visionaries with their own profitable design practice. Determined to tackle these issues, she discovered a grey area, and was focused on supplying what was needed by bridging the gap between the business and design world. Armoured with an ability to transform a vision into a longlasting and impactfull mark in the world of design with a little direction, she founded the Esra Lemmens Agency.

It was established to obtain an exclusive objective: Enabling designers and artists to realize their full potential and assisting them in positioning themselves and their products according to the 4 C’s in ‘CC-CC’. Esra Lemmens’ background in Arts and Design enhance her ability to connect with her clients and bring their optimal visions to fruition. The agency seeks to represents them in a unique way, both customized and optimized through her collaborations with studios, platforms, events, labels, museums, galleries and other resources applicable to the goals at hand.

“There is a magical balance between business and design; design and craft; intuition and reason; concept and detail; playfulness and formality; client and designer; designer and maker; and maker and audience, that is where good design comes to life”

The Esra Lemmens Agency contributes significantly to the industry, primarily because its backbone comprises of individuals who are well versed in the lingua franca of the design and business domains. This gives our agency an edge above the rest in terms of leadership skills, expertise in design management and knowledge of communication. As a result of the agency’s all-encompassing encounters with key players in the design industry, our professionals possess impactful talents such as her mark  strategy building and organization capability.


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Esra Lemmens