The Esra Lemmens Agency has established a reputable position on the international design scene, with due thanks to discretion and the main focus on empowering contemporary designers behind the scenes. The agency is founded and initiated by EsraLemmens, who represents key players and market leaders in the design industry and acts as the propelling force behind numerous successful campaigns and collaborations for major companies and prominent designers.

It is under her guidance that many artists and designers have won prestigious awards. Her work is not limited to the Middle East, where she currently resides, but been acclaimed on an international stage because of her lectures and collaboration with well-renowned clientele in Europe, The United States and Asia as well as the entire MENA region, earning the agency a worldwide presence. The agency possesses a crucial role and operates with utmost discretion because of its pivotal position behind the scenes. The agency’s superior record of such partnerships is a valuable asset to our role as a moderator because of the many tasks our team has to handle. Having dealt with a diverse clientele gives us beneficial and practical experience.

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Esra Lemmens