Design Consultancy and Intermediation
Our responsibility, as a strategic design management firm, is to link the design industry with the realm of business. Designers who are pursuing to operate in an eccentric manner can rely upon our skills to assist them to reform their individuality and acquire a worthy approach that will equip them with the means to do so. As an agency, we survey the international design scene for talented designers who could present interesting opportunities for fruitful partnerships and we organize exceptional campaigns to raise awareness among a designer’s target demographic, all the while gathering crucial details from promising leads. In addition, we handle the coordination for events that possess a significant potential to attract a larger audience and retain a loyal clientele. Design consultancy is the art and science of encouraging designers to increase collaboration and synergy between “design” and “business” to improve the effectiveness of their ideas. Unlike other management companies that adopt a one-size-fits-all strategy, we attempt to evaluate and apprehend our client’s intrinsic attributes, nature of work, and the message they aim to spread. By doing so, we form a solution that aligns with their identity. Combined with our comprehensive and regularly updated awareness of press indicates that we have the experience to select adequate press contacts for our clientele, whether it’s online or offline. We understand the needs and restrictions of established and upcoming designers and recognize the importance of maximizing their potential using limited resources. That is why we negotiate on their behalf. This way, we foster and develop meaningful partnerships between designers, and organizations, museums, galleries and Art and Design fairs with media and sponsors. We seek to help both parties make the most of working with arts and culture – by maximizing sponsorships, mediating between galleries, principals, financiers, collectors, museums, and labels, developing art prizes, creating cultural strategies, and advising foundations.
Design Productions
We are dedicated to promoting and managing the reputation and presence of designers and their practices across the globe. The Esra Lemmens Agency devises and manages a variety of design-related events, competitions, and productions for highly discerning brands and cultural institutions. Our approach to every production is thoroughly imaginative, with events designed to capture the creative vision of our clients. From new collection launches to private dinners during international Design fairs and openings, these events serve as a stage for bringing designers and high-profile clientele together and have a lasting impression. We curate guest lists from our coveted database of media contacts and VIP’s to ensure the optimal balance of exclusivity with reputable editorial coverage.
Design Communication and PR
Design communication is more than just a set of strategies and tools. It is a mindset meant to redefine the relationships between designers and the world and with media being constantly ravenous, it is now more important than it ever used to be. All business concerns need the trust of the public they serve. A sound public image based on trust is a valuable asset to business operation and growth. Your reputation built around your image influences your day-to-day dealings with clients and has an impact on your profitability and other long-term goals. In today’s constantly changing world, fostering and maintaining good design communication, and design management can be tricky and time-consuming. Solid design communication minimizes that time designers spend on marketing efforts, in order for them to devote more of their energy to what they’re most passionate about, and focus on the art of creating. Growth and diversification in different media landscapes have increased the need for tailored and specialized handling of a designer’s key message. Each of these media outlets requires specific strategies and methods for effective communication to increase brand awareness, enhance reputation and to build long-lasting relationships with current and potential clients. We believe that talented designers at every level can foster impressive reputations for themselves through strategic and deliberate contacts with key industry stakeholders. We boast substantial expertise in all aspects of extensive public relations representation. This helps us deliver creative and focused press strategies to industry influencers through print, broadcast and digital media so they become “household names” across the nation. This is accomplished through the combination of a wide network of professional contacts and masterfully crafted narrative grounded in social science.
Esra Lemmens